"Fear not death, for your hour of doom is set and none may escape it" - Volsunga Saga, Nordic Proverb


The Northmen tell of a day in which the sun will cease and the ground will shake and the very gods they swore fealty to will met in battle- Ragnarok. It is the war to end all wars- to end all worlds. While these have believed to be folklore to some to scare children in their bedtimes, recent developments have provided some vitality to these legends. The land is ravaged by an endless winter, famine, great seals broken and both creatures and men periling against one another like never before.


In a unfamiliar and unforgiving land along the Sword Coast of Faerun, a group of unlikely heroes will brave the cold, Nordic culture in an attempt to restore balance to these hardened lands in a story worthy enough to echo throughout eternity.


I, Gundren Rock-Seeker, will tell this tale so that their stories may be immortalized in history for all of time. These are the greatest Heroes I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…


-Gundren Rock-Seeker



*I do not claim any artwork as my own


Fall of Gods

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